Product specs for TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. GEN100-100

TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. GEN100-100

Product Description:

TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. GEN100-100 Genesys - DC Power Supply: 10kW, 100V, 100A, 3U, Full Rack, AC Input: Three-phase 208VAC, 400VAC, or 480VAC; CE Mark: 10kW/15kW (400VAC/480VAC), RS-232/RS-485 Interface (NON CANCELLABLE or RETURNABLE)

•Mobile Test Laboratories
•Ground Power for Aircraft
•Particle Physics Beam Bending and Focus
•RF Transmitter Power
•Laser Systems
•Environmental Test Chambers

•Highest Power Density 2.4kW in 1U, 5kW in 2U and 15kW in 3U
•High Voltage up to 600VDC High Current up to 1000A
•Built in Remote Analog and RS-232/RS-485 Digital Programming
•Easy Parallel up to four like supplies ¿ up to 60kW
•Five Year Warranty from ISO 9001:2008 Factory
The most advanced series
High-power programmable AC to DC power supplies
All with identical interfaces and now includes breakthrough power density of 2400W in a 1U rack-mount package. The new model also includes two Auxiliary Outputs of 5VDC and 15VDC at 0.2A. Eight Power Platforms from 1U to 3U offer power from 750W to 15kW with standard Remote Analog Programming and RS-232/485 Digital Interface, with popular worldwide AC Inputs. Options include LXI Certified LAN, GPIB and Isolated Analog Programming.

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TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. GEN100-100
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